Concept Costume Creators is the only Mass Band in Toronto that has been producing mass since the beginning of Toronto’s Carnival in 1967. Bandleader Whitfield Belasco was invited to come to Canada for the purpose of designing and making costumes for the Carnival show called “Expo 67” which was part of Trinidad’s contribution to Canada’s Centennial celebration. Whitfield has stayed in Canada and with the help of his brothers, sisters, and other family members, has continued to design, build, and produce some of the most innovative costumes instead of the regular 'bikini and beads' mass. This band is very family oriented and takes great pride in the fact that many of it’s members have been with them from generation to generation. Their presentation for 2014 is "PRECIOUS JEWELS" which will consist of at least six sections

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Creating Carnival through Arts and Culture

Creating Carnival through Arts and Culture- aims to provide opportunities for marginalized youth leaders across the city of Toronto to take action on building healthy communities, and assisting with community based solutions that contribute to sustainable living locally and globally.

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Project Objectives

We would like to change young peoples perception that the world begins and ends in their local community.  We would like youth to take an in-depth look at their community, examine its strengths and weaknesses, and take action to address the needs they identify.  Further, on a larger scale, we would like youth to expand this strategy on a global level, to understand how we are all connected, and to apply their knowledge and power to make positive change through Arts and Carnival Culture globally.  The goals developed from carnival arts and culture will be the foundation on which the youth will build their strategy for acting locally and globally.

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2019 Theme: Caribbean Islands Mix

Section #1: Purple Royal Kingdom

This section demonstrates power, richness, family, brilliance, successful, privilege, and kindness.

Designed by: CCCA


Section #2: Island Folklore

This section represents 3 fictional characters well know in islands folklore. Most of these stories originated from Africa and were passed down through slaves, who told these stories in the islands Soucouyant. A “soucouyant” is an evil spirit in Caribbean lore who sheds her skin at night and turns into fire and sucks the blood of her victim. La Diablesse  is a devil woman who preys on unsuspecting men. To avoid her curse men wear their clothes inside out. Papa bois -means father woods he is the guardian of the forest.These costumes are represented with black + red ostrich and goose feathers. The costumes are encased in gold, red, and black jewels.

Designed by: DJ Dabo & Katti Dabo


Section #3: Pink Paradise

This section brings charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and romance. A combination of pink and white is associated with chastity and innocence.

Designed by: Youth Space Program with Jenelle , La Taiva & Wayne

Section #4: Sokah

Sokah is the bacchanal and best vibes coursing through our veins. Sokah is the sound that brings forth joy even in times of pain. You loose yuh self in the rhythm; Sokah yuh make us gallivant with no shame  You are the connection between the islands of the Caribbean Sea Sokah you transcend captivating energyIn crowds by the thousands. All ethnicities jumping together as one Section: SokahSokah you are the sound of champions. Sokah you are ah vibe that could never done.

Designed by: Skymaxxmas

Section #5: Sandy Beach

Throughout all of the Caribbean Islands locals and tourists all flock to admire the beauty & serenity of the SANDY BEACHES. Colors of beige & gold along with seashells are used to represent the sand highlighted with blue to embody the waves hitting the sandy shoreline.

Designed by: Stacy Brumble of Sugar & Spice Ent.

Section #6: Fantasy Explosion

Green was the color commonly associated with wealth, merchants, bankers and the gentry. Fantasy explains the dream and creativity. Caribbean islands are a fantasy for a lot of people living today.

Designed by: MOMO & WAYNE

Section #7: Rum Punch Kingdom

Sanskrit also known as Rum Punch was brought to England from India by sailors and employees of the British East India Company in the early 17th century. It later found its way to the Caribbean and became what we now know today as Rum Punch. The common arrangement for rum punch is celebrated in rhyme: “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak.”

Designed by: RESE & WAYNE

Section #8: Caribbean Sunset

The Caribbean Sunset is a crucial element to the islands with a beautiful sight, all people of different sizes, and colors will be liming in the warmth that it brings. With a honey like orange and a touch of ruby red this natural element is a pool of vibrant yellow that brings the Caribbean sunset to life right before you. With the use of yellow and orange ostrich feathers, iridescent gems, and gold trimming throughout this breathtaking costume

Designed by/ Produced by mother & daughter: Vernelle Duntin & La Tavia Beckles

Section #9: The Blue Caribbean Sea

This section represents the waters surrounding the islands of the Caribbean. It is made of navy blue + aqua ostrich and cocktail feathers. It is highlighted with peacock feathers and trimmed with silver lining.

Designed by: Kanboulay Mas & Mikey(Trini Vibez)

Section #10:Tropical Orchid

Colors: red and blue Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. — This designed was inspired by a specific species of flowers found throughout the Caribbean ,Let us introduce to you the 'tropical orchids' The bold red of this piece depicts the beauty of the flower ,blue is the color of happiness 'reflecting radiantly off the shining gems which adorn this piece...you will be casting an enchanting red aura as you strut through the streets in this design 'spreading joy wherever you go.

Design by  T.Grant




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