Our Story

Mr. Whitfield Belasco and brother Calvin Belasco created concept Costume Creators in 1958 with the creation of EBONITES Steel band of Morvant Trinidad. The theme was “Cree’s of Canada”, over the years Costume Creators became known as “ The Family band”. Today it is known as Costume Creators Mas Band under the Leadership of Mr. Wayne Sewell and his team.


                                    (2017 Costume)

About us:

Concept Costume Creators is the only Mas Band in Toronto that has been producing mas since the beginning of Toronto’s Carnival which started in 1967. Bandleader Whitfield Belasco was invited to come to Canada for the purpose of designing and making costumes for the Carnival show called “Expo 67”. This show was part of Trinidad’s contribution to Canada’s Centennial celebration. Whitfield has stayed in Canada with the help of his brothers, sisters, and other family members and has continued to design, build, and produce some of the most innovative costumes; instead of the regular ‘bikini and beads’ mas. This band is very family oriented and takes great pride in the fact that many of it’s members have been playing mas with them for years from generation to generation. Our presentation for 2018 is “BIRDS OF PARADISE – DE DANCING WINGS” which consist of 8 sections.


Creating Carnival

Creating Carnival through Arts and Culture is a leadership arts and culture program that provides opportunities for marginalized youth across the city of Toronto to take action on building healthy communities and to contribute to community-based solutions that encourage sustainable living locally and globally. This program is delivered in two phases:

  1. Leadership and Local Empowerment through Arts and Culture
  2. Leadership and Collaborative Learning History of Carnival

Creating Carnival through Arts and Culture

Creating Carnival through Arts and Culture- aims to provide opportunities for marginalized youth leaders across the city of Toronto. This allows youth to take action on building healthy communities, and assisting with community-based solutions that contribute to sustainable living locally and globally; By where ten (10) youths ages 14 – 24 will be learning about the Trinidadian physique understand the festival culture and Arts.

Project Objectives

We would like to change young people’s perception that the world begins and ends in their local community. We would like youth to take an in-depth look at their community, examine its strengths and weaknesses, and take action to address the needs they identify.  Further, on a larger scale, we would like youth to expand this strategy on a global level, to understand how we are all connected, and to apply their knowledge and power to make positive change through Arts and Carnival Culture globally.  The goals developed from carnival arts and culture will be the foundation on which the youth will build their strategy for acting locally and globally.

Check out a news article about our band written in 2012:

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